Dear Libby & William,
I will always remember Giovanni’s friendship and incredible kindness. I celebrated many birthdays, Thanksgivings, and Christmas Eves with the Apicella family, and Giovanni always made me feel a member of the family. And, of course, there are the wonderful memories of the many celebrations at Azalea and Amarone – not to mention Piccolo Pomodoro and Zucchero. Oh, and lest I forget the Amalfi Coast. Giovanni took great pride and pleasure in pointing out the sights of his birthplace, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.
What I remember most about Giovanni is the way he knew just the right thing to do and say at a time when you needed it most. After my wrist surgery I recuperated at the Apicella’s home in NJ. Giovanni would come home from working at the restaurants and cook a steak or a delicious soup for me! He would say, “You have to eat Zia Anna”, as if this was ever a problem for me. After dinner Giovanni would peel and cut a piece of fruit and place it on a plate for me. He never asked if I wanted it, he just did it!
Rest well my friend, may God watch over you. I will miss you forever.

Shared by Ann P.