We had heard many stories about the Piccolo Pomodoro and busy with work and so many other distractions it took a long time to find the opportunity to be there.  That chance came in 1992 (0r maybe 1993?) when Eric was on a project for Bayer in Haledon NJ.  About 5 members of the project team came over for an evening dinner at the Piccolo Pomodoro.  Giovanni greeted us warmly but would not give us a menu – he just asked us what we liked to eat, and then the food started coming, course after course.  Lost count of how many dishes he cooked for us, but it was a night to remember.  We all felt that we had come home to eat with family.  When it came time to pay the bill, it took a long time to convince Giovanni that our employer, Bayer, would foot the bill…finally he relented.  Still remember that night with a fond memory.

Shared by Reggie and Eric