Writing something [remarkable] about my brother is very difficult for me. I can’t believe he won’t be back. I miss his phone calls; he started like this: “Sora my cumm staji?” or ” Uagnutte cumm jamm?” We were the exact opposite but we always accepted ourselves as we were. We trusted each other. Later I will tell you about our childhood years. My cousin Ines used to enjoy teaching us poetry & performances; we were cheerful and nice.


My brother was smart but not very scholarly. His years in Modena were made of sacrifices both large & small. The advent of New York, has been crucial for everyone, for my children, my grandchildren and the knowledge of my sister-in-law Libby’s beautiful family. When my brother turned 50, I first went to New York. We celebrated at my sister-in-law’s beach house, a wonderful place and there I met many beautiful people. Memories overlooked, many happy anniversaries, Gianni always generously left behind & participated with great pleasure. Dear brother you are with us….

Shared by Rosaria A.