Almost 20 years ago, we visited Giovanni in Italy. Near his hometown of Tramonti, is a beautiful village, Ravello. We all went there one day, and I fell in love with an incredible hand-painted table. Incredibly beautiful, and way beyond my imagination on how to get it back to the US. Enter Giovanni & my cousin, Brian.

The next morning Giovanni & Brian invited me to go back to Ravello. They sat me down in the town square, and ordered a cappuccino for me. Then they left. They came back, with the good news on the table, but they had not been able to agree on shipping. So, they ordered another cappucino for me and 2 espressos for themselves. Then they left. They came back a while later, and ordered yet another round of coffees – and the table came to the US! When we celebrate, when we share a meal on our porch, when we have a cappuccino – it all goes back to that day in Italy!

Shared by Leslie Neely